Design, Development, React Native

The project

Qdprofes is part of the Catformació ecosystem. Together they provide a digital space for training centers, teachers, students and administration.

In this case, the app is aimed at teachers. It allows you to exchange chat messages with students in your groups, share files, take roll call and much more. The teacher only has to log in with his or her username and will be able to access all the functionality of the app without having to add students or groups, as it is provided by the system.


Needs and solution

Training centers face the following problems:

  • Little degree of digitization

  • Data protection issues

  • File protection issues

In Qdprofes they have all been resolved by making all student-teacher digital communication through the ecosystem apps (Qdprofes for teachers, Qdcursos for students, Qdcentros for centers).

UX/UI Design

Each application in the Catformació suite has its own brand, but following the guidelines of the general project. In this case, green tones and clean, modern lines have been chosen.


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