React Native

The project

Classlife is a technology education (Ed-Tech) platform. Our work consisted of transforming a web platform into a mobile application that is used by thousands of students around the world every day.

Thanks to React Native, we have managed to develop a high-quality application capable of connecting to the extensive database that this social network offers to students, teachers and parents on Android and iOS.



Classlife already had the technological infrastructure for its operation, but its users indicated that the experience of using the web version was not the best.

To solve this, they made a custom design of their native mobile application. At this point, they needed to find a technology partner to develop the application at an appropriate cost.


React Native allows you to develop native apps for iOS and Android with a single code without noticeable loss of performance. It can be applied to any project except in very specific cases. It was the ideal framework to develop Classlife, as it allowed a lot of flexibility and at the same time, by doing a single development, the cost was lower.

The application stands out technically for its internal navigation. To a large extent it is an app like Facebook or Twitter, in which one post can link to another, or you can visit a user's profile, etc. This creates a large stack of screens to manage.

We also think it is important to mention that the design is pixel perfect: the design that was sent to us for development is exactly what has been laid out and implemented.

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